SISO-ADM-002-2011 will complete the 30 day member review prior to EXCOM voting on 18 March.  To date, we have received only one set of comments on the draft and have accepted all but one of these comments.  The last comment requires discussion by the Executive Committee prior to voting and I wanted to begin this discussion in hopes of reaching a rapid decision by the EXCOM so a final draft for EXCOM voting can be prepared and provided to the EXCOM next week. The following is the comment and the response to the comment:

Substantive – Para 9.1.1 says, in the last line, "Changes to the BPDSP require a three-quarters majority vote of the SAC." Yet, because the BPDSP is a SISO Administrative Product, wouldn't the provisions of Para 10.5, "Upon approval by the EXCOM, the SISO product may be published.", apply? Recommend clarification.

     Response: The requirement for a three-quarters majority approval vote on the BPDSP by the SAC has it's history in the original requirements placed upon SISO by the IEEE model procedures.  Although our BPDSP was never submitted for AudCom audit and approval, since it defined many of the detailed procedures used by PDGs prior to the ballot process, it was felt that we should follow the IEEE requirements for a three-quarters majority approval by at least the SAC.

     The P&P has several cases where a committee is required to acheive a "super" majority to approve an action.  For example: this document requires a three-quarters majority by each affected committee and the EXCOM for revision.  The SAC and EXCOM are required to meet a two-thirds majority of eligible members to overturn an elevated appeal. The EXCOM must meet a two-thirds majority of voters after quorum has been acheived to expel, suspend, or censure a members, or to allow readmission to membership of an expelled member or a previous member who resigned after expulsion proceedings were instituted.  At two-thirds majority of the entire committee is required to remove a member or officer of any subordinate group.

     Para 10.5 does not define the means or level of approval by the EXCOM.  In the case of the BPDSP, once approved by the SAC with the three-quarters majority, the EXCOM can approve the product with a simple majority.

     However, given the history of this requirement and the fact that the IEEE now requires different P&P for both the SAC and PDGs working on IEEE activities, SISO could consider reducing the requirement without impacting IEEE related activities.  Additionally, the baseline procedures from the IEEE have reduced the super-majority requirements for P&P revisions to a two-thirds majority.

     Since the SAC has already approved this draft, this comment will be provided to the EXCOM for their consideration during the EXCOM vote.


W   EXCOM:  Please provide comments or concerns relative to reducing the SAC requirements for approval of the BPDSP from a three-quarters majority to a two-thirds majority.  Please note that each of these are based on the entire SAC, not those present at a meeting with quorum.

     I will also post a similar message to the SAC requesting if there are any objections by the SAC to this potential change.


    Mark McCall, Vice Chair, EXCOM









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