Under the authority delegated to me as EXCOM Vice Chair, by the EXCOM Chair, Katherine Morse, I am appointing Michael Burnette, an appointed member of the SAC, to serve in the SAC position on the Appeals Board.

According to SISO-ADM-002-2011, Section 6.10:

The first level of appeal within SISO is the SISO Appeals Board. The SISO Appeals Board consists of the Vice Chair of the EXCOM (Appeals Board Chair), the Vice Chair of the CC, and the Vice Chair of the SAC. If any member of the Appeals Board is a party of an appeal, the Chair of the EXCOM shall appoint another member of the respective committee to serve on the Appeals Board for the specific appeal.

Since actions of the SAC are being appealed, I established a criteria that any member of the SAC that attended the 3 July 2012 meeting or took part in the discussions preceeding that meeting was a party to the appeal and not eligible to be on the Appeals Board for this appeal.  This disqualified the Vice Chair of the SAC.  There were five members of the SAC that, according to the criteria, were not a party of the appeal.  All were provided the opportunity to volunteer to serve on the appeals board.  Upon follow-up, Mr Burnette accepted the appointment.

Mark McCall, Vice Chair, EXCOM

Chair, SISO Appeals Board

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