Eric Whittington has agreed to serve in this role, should an interpretation be required.

Katherine L. Morse, PhD
Principal Professional Staff
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Laurel, MD  20723-6099
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Subject: Re: Appeal of SAC Rejection of the FEAT XML Schema BallotApprovalPackage

From: "James McCall" ([log in to unmask])

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SISO-ADM-002-2011, Section 12.4, requires all interpretations of SISO Administrative Documents to be directed to the Chair of the EXCOM and that such interpretations be approved by the EXCOM.

I respectively request you delegate a member of the EXCOM to act in your role should the Appeals Board require an interpretion of a Administrative Document.  Additionally, since I will be acting as Chair of the Appeals Board, I request this delegation be to another member of the EXCOM.

Mark McCall, EXCOM Vice Chair

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