As I was involved in the writing of the SISO appeals process, I don't require an explanation of the process and possible outcomes. I have already made a more than reasonable effort to resolve this issue with the SAC. As some members of the SAC are unwilling to either engage in constructive discussion or to adhere to the P&P, it seems the only equitable resolution is to file an appeal.

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Subject: Re: Appeal of SAC Rejection of the FEAT XML SchemaBallotApprovalPackage

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Appeals Board,

SISO-ADM-002-2011 section 6.10 Appeals states:

If there is an issue of concern, all efforts to resolve the issue with the parties involved should be made before resorting to the appeals process. The appropriate SISO organizational element
shall fully explain the appeals process and possible outcomes to all involved parties so that they can make an informed decision to whether or not an appeal is the best or only path to resolution of their concern(s).

I respectfully point out that to the best of my knowledge these activities have not yet occurred.  This is based on my review of SAC and FEAT meeting minutes.  

While the appeal is already in place, I believe these activities can bring necessary information forward for a constructive interchange of the concerns.

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