Per Mark's ADMIN message to SISO members regarding the invited session during the Systems Life Cycle Forum, Wednesday, 1030-1200 at the Fall SIW where Ms Zimmerman will provide a presentation and take part in a panel discussion on: Key Tools for Enabling the Acquisition Community: A Standards Profile for Acquisition Modeling and Simulation Data.

Since this is obviously an important speech, panel discussion and SISO initiative, what  provisions are being made to:

1. Allow SISO members who cannot attend the workshop to hear or to both hear and see Ms Zimmerman's speech and the panel discussion that follows?  (Perhaps using the toll-free number to allow members to dial in and listen.)

2. Regardless of the availability of a live broadcast, how soon will this important session (Ms. Zimmermann's presentation and a transcript of the panel discussion) be made available to the entire SISO membership?


Frank Hill

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