There are some notes on each module about the changes that the NATO people has done. These could be included in the spreadsheet.

Here are some other thoughts (or starting point for a discussion):

You may also consider having a separate item i the spreadsheet called something like "Modularization of classes according to the NATO MSG" so we document a clear decision whether to go this way or to modify. Once the modularization of classes has been decided I think that the placement of the data types is a second step, since some of them are tightly connected to the attribute/parameter where they are used. And maybe a third item is data type naming?

Bjorn M

PS: I did not get the attachments. For testing purposes I am attaching a file (a previous Agenda) to find out if this works from my computer

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Date: torsdag 11 oktober 2012 01:00
Subject: Change tracking of RPR FOM v2

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Dear DG members,

As per the AI of the October 4 DG meeting, Patrice and I have been setting up a file for tracking the changes to the RPR FOM v2. Please find enclosed a proposal to be explained in detail and discussed in the meeting from October 11th.

When we agree on the layout of the spreadsheet and the way to track the changes, we, as FOM editors, propose that it first be completed ASAP by tracking all the differences between the current state of the FOM (based on NETN modules) and the draft 17 OMT. This file will then form the basis to continue tracking any changes to the RPR FOM v2 until it becomes a standard.

In addition we may discuss the necessity to establish and maintain similar tracking sheets for comparing to other RPR FOM versions, such as draft 18 or the NETN FOM modules (should we deviate).

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