RPR FOM Drafting Group Meeting Minutes
January 24, 2013: 16:00 17:00 CET

Presiding Officers: Bjorn Moller
Recording Secretary: Bjorn Moller
Bjorn Moller
Frank Hill
Lennart Olsson
Rene Verhage
Patrice Le Leydour
Andy Ceranowicz
Steven Sheasby
Roger Jansen
Asa Falkenjack
Continued discussing the open FOM issues. Decisions and action items were recorded in the FOM issues spreadsheet.
Patrice has posted a document (C069 change log 2018-01-15d.doc showing the previous data type names and proposed changes. The group should review it and post comments. Bjorn and Lennart promised to do this, others may follow. Any input should be given before next meeting
Enumerations in general and in particular the relation SISO Enumeration Working Group was discussed. The questions is if, what and how to include enumerations. It was decided to set up a Tiger Team to propose a solution. Initial members are Andy, Frank, Rene and Bjorn. Bjorn took the action to set up a meeting time next week.
We have now come to an end with the FOM comments with the exception of a few outstanding questions. One of them is to coordinate the content of Semantics fields in the FOM with the GRIM description. This means that we will now go into a new phase where we cross-check the FOM and the GRIM. Next meeting will focus on this.
Next meeting will be at the same time on January 31th.


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