RPR FOM Enum Tiger Team Meeting 31 Jan

Participants: Frank, Andy, Bjn M, Patrice, a

Some notes:

Do we need machine-readable version of the enumerators in the FOM. Is the Enumerations group document not machine-readable?

Some programs (code generators, data loggers) read the FOM and use the enumerators, for example Pitch tools. They do benefit from having enumerated values in the FOM.

Some enumerations are very large.

Should we limit the enumerators to the ones essential in DIS 1998?

RPR is usually adapted. Important to break out data types into modules so that they can be adapted in a well controlled way.

Most large federations adapt the enumerators.

Andy list describe the enumerators

Beginner federations need to have some standardized set of enumerators as a starting point. For simple needs the standard enumeration are more than enough.

The set of enumerators for different data types may be seen as:

- Fixed

- Extendable with some predefined values

- Extendable, change any value

Questions for everyone:
1. Is Stevens list with enumerators complete?
2. Do you agree with which ones that are fixed in RPR or modified in external modules?
3. How should these enumerations be grouped into modules?

Please exchange answers through the reflector. To be further discussed at the DG meeting next Thursday.

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