In another post, Rene noted the following:

"JTIDSPrimaryModeEnum8, JTIDSSecondaryModeEnum8, JTIDSSynchronizationStateEnum8, TSALevelEnum8: these come from the NETN modules and are not defined in draft17 nor ENUM2002. If we stick to using draft17 enumerations, I think these and the datatype JTIDSTransmitterStruct need to be deleted, and the datatype SpreadSpectrumVariantStruct to be aligned again with draft17. I propose that the reviewer (Aaron) advises, or starts a separate thread to continue the discussion."

The JTIDSTransmitterStruct was indeed added by NETN and was not present in RPR 2d17. It is used as an alternate variant in the SpreadSpectrumVariantStruct. RPR 2d17 only add one alternative, SINCGARSFrequencyHop.

The content of the JTIDSTransmitterStruct comes from SISO-STD-002, the standard for Link 16 simulations. While the SpreadSpectrumVariantStruct is the appropriate place to add a representation for this information, I believe in keeping compatibility with draft 17 that we need to remove these from the RPR FOM. I think this would be an excellent addition in RPR 3.

So I propose deleting the following data types: 

I also propose removing the JTIDSTransmitterData alternative from SpreadSpectrumVariantStruct, and removing JTIDS_MIDS_SpectrumType as a defined value from SpreadSpectrumEnum16.


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