Here are the results of my review of the Communications and Logistics modules. I am just including the FOM updates here. I will post an updated GRIM shortly which includes all of the submitted updates for the GRIM so far, including my own.

Most of the changes are merely filling in empty or NULL semantics, with some changes to improve clarity and consistency with the GRIM and DIS.

There is one change I would like to bring your attention to. The semantics of the SuppliesData parameter in the ResupplyOffer interaction previously contained a shall statement, which I removed. The statement read:

"If the supplying entity cannot provide the requested supplies, then this parameter shall be omitted."

First of all, in general I think a statement like this for a class, attribute, or parameter should be in the GRIM and not the FOM. But more importantly, I believe this statement to be incorrect, so I have not added it to the GRIM. The GRIM largely references 1278.1-1995 in the logistics section. DIS says the following (section

a) If the service requested is resupply and the entity that receives the PDU is able to provide the needed
supplies, the supplying entity shall issue a Resupply Offer PDU (see
c) If the service requested is resupply and the entity receiving the PDU is unable to provide the supplies
requested, then the supplying entity shall issue a Resupply Cancel PDU (see

Therefore sending a ResupplyOffer with an omitted SuppliesData parameter is the incorrect way to indicate that it cannot provide the supplies. A ResupplyCancel is the appropriate response in this situation.


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