Here is the latest version of the GRIM and the issues spreadsheet. I will merge this version with the changes made by the FOM module and GRIM section reviewers as they are submitted.

There are few issues that I would like to discuss, time permitting:

GC001: According to the PN, the title of the GRIM is "Guidance, Rationale, and Interoperability Modalities". 2d17 had the name "Guidance, Rational, and Interoperability Manual". Which is correct? I assume at this point we need to stick with what it says in the PN, but I wanted to check with the group.

GC008: Still need to create a section describing encoding and decoding of new data types. Should this be in chapter 7 (General FOM Guidance and Rationale), or in section 8.2 where our Foundation Module is described?

GC070: I never received a definitive answer on the difference between the State and ActiveStatus attributes of the Minefield object class on the DIS reflector. At this point I am not sure what to say here, or if the text should simply be left as is.

GC085: This comment is in regards to the FireMissionIndex of the WeaponFire interaction. There was some question about how it was used. The group should probably discuss this and improve the description.

GC109: This comment is about some text in section (the section number have all changed due to the GRIM reorganization). This is about the SiMan interactions. The text says, "Two particularly difficult DIS areas to support using the native HLA Object Management RTI services are the group addressing schemes supported by the EntityIdentifier triplet and the need for additional parameters in the function calls." The commenter found this text confusing, as do I. I would like to see if anyone in the group can interpret the meaning of "additional parameters in the function calls".

GC160: This was a comment made by Bjorn on the reflector. There seemed to be some consensus in the forum, but we need to make a decision.

GC161: Originally the DG decided to change the Marking attribute's update type from "static" to "conditional" "on change". This was reopened recently. I think this depends on FC075 from the FOM status, which is also on the table for discussion.

GC163: The SiMan interactions reference that the DIS addressing scheme supports "wildcarding", and the comment was made that this was incorrect. I did a little research on this, and while the DIS standard never uses the term "wildcard", it does define the values ALL_SITES, ALL_APPLIC, and ALL_ENTITIES for the Entity Identifier record. Perhaps the use of the term "wildcarding" should be removed from the GRIM, but based on my understanding, I think the intention of the statement was correct. I would like to discuss this further so that we can make the text more appropriate.


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