Unfortunately I am not able to join the upcoming two meetings (March 14 and 21). On March 28 I have already another meeting planned from 15:00 tot 16:00.


Note that I hope to finish my review of the modules much earlier. I try to do it this week.




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The US has entered daylight savings time but Europe hasn't. This means that for a limited time there is a five hour time difference between the US East Coast (now in EDT) and central Europe (France/Germany/Netherlands/Sweden).

Our usual meeting time is 10 AM US (EST) / 16:00 Central Europe (CET). We usually plan for 90 minute meetings.

I suggest that we change this to 10 AM US (EDT) / 15:00 Central Europe (CET) for the coming weeks. Is this OK with you? I am particularly interested in if this is OK with the European editors.



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