One more thing  wrt PassiveActivitiesEnum16.  This attribute is supposed to be an index into a database. It will not be filled out in SISO-REF-10. Therefore recommend that  it be replaced with an Integer16 like the ActivityParameter it is associated with.


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Underwater Acoustics

Andy Ceranowicz






·         PassiveActivitiesEnum16: renamed enumerator

So this supports the ActivityCode attribute of the AdditionalPassiveActivities object. Looks like the name was shortened.

Is the concern that it makes it harder to autogenerate?  Personally,  I  would prefer to retain the RPR name as changing it requires code changes.

No enumerations for this in RPR2-D17.omt.

<semantics>Index into a database of narrow band nonpropulsive passive emissions</semantics>


·         PropulsionPlantEnum8: added enumerators. Note that it would probably have been nicer to split out the "Hull Mounted Mask" bit as a separate field/attribute. However, to remain buffer compatible with draft17 this would require the definition of a 7-bit and a 1-bit enumeration. Not sure if HLA is well suited for this.

The UA Modules already does split out Hull Mounted Masker Status from the Propulsion Plant Configuration. There is a HullMaskerOn  Boolean attribute.

You should delete all the combinations with w_HullMountedMask.

There are no enumerations for this in the RPR2-D17.omt


ActiveSonarEnum16 –


     Is the plan to retain the _slsh_ replacement for / in the name?   



Suggest <semantics>The current function being performed by the sonar</semantics>





General -

With the use of the enum8, 16, 32 suffix notation, the notes seem unnecessary.


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