I have discovered that the description of ElevationCenter in Table 68 ActiveSonarBeamAttributes does not match DIS or my use of that attributes.

From the GRIM
This field specifies the vertical angle of the maximum response axis for this beam.  The value is specified in degrees from the horizontal with positive being used for the downward direction.

From DIS 1998
"Beam Center Depression/Elevation (D/E). This ?eld shall specify the center of the D/E angle of the main beam relative to the stabilized D/E angle of the target (i.e., assume the target is stabilized and parallel to earth for determining D/E angle). This ?eld shall be represented by a 32-bit ?oating point number representing units of radians. A depression angle shall be de?ned as a downward angle and assigned a negative value. An elevation angle shall be de?ned as an upward angle and assigned a positive value. Omnidirectional beams shall have a beam center D/E angle of 0°."

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