Probably a trivial, but can the update types be listed in the text?


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At today's meeting we discussed the need to define the terms "required attribute" and "optional attribute" to make them less ambiguous. We also discussed clarifying when updates should be provided at a higher level, in one of the general sections, since this really affects all object classes, not just BaseEntity. Below is some proposed text. I propose adding the following two new terms to the Definitions section as well as a new section, 7.2, that discusses update types. Please let me know if you have any feedback.


optional attribute

An object attribute that may or may not be updated by a publishing federate for a particular object instance, based on the federation agreement.


required attribute

An object attribute that must be updated, at a minimum according to its update type, by publishing federates for all object instances.



7.2 Attribute Update Types

HLA provides a means for specifying the update type of each object attribute. The update type indicates when an update of the attribute is expected to be provided by the publishing federate. For some update types an additional update condition is specified to further identify specific conditions that should result in an update. The RPR FOM specifies an update type for all attributes and an update condition where appropriate. Publishing federates shall update all required attributes and all provided optional attributes at a minimum as specified by the update type and update condition. Publishing federates may provide updates more frequently, but this is not necessary.




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