Hi Aaron,


I submitted the ‘Warfare text’ in the same GRIM document version as the ‘DER text’, see http://discussions.sisostds.org/threadview.aspx?fid%9&threadidS286#83371


The text is:


The Warfare module involves the firing and detonation of munitions. When an entity fires a weapon, the federate controlling the entity needs to communicate information about the munition fired. The detonation of the munition is also communicated by the federate controlling the munition and used by all federates to assess damage to their entities.





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I still have not received general descriptive text to be included in the GRIM for a number of modules. I am missing text for the following modules:




Synthetic Environment




If you have already submitted text and I missed it, I apologize. If you can just resubmit it or point me to your previous post it would be appreciated. If you have not submitted text, this is just a friendly reminder. Please also remember to include a quick one sentence summary for the description field in the FOM as well.


I myself am guilty of being a bit slow with providing this for my own sections. Here is my text for the description field for the Logistics and Communication modules. I have also added a slightly longer description to these sections in the GRIM:



The Communication module is used to simulate radio transmitters and receivers as well as the radio signals that are transmitted between them.



The Logistics module defines interactions that represent repair and resupply logistic services.





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