Here is latest version of the GRIM as well as the updated issues spreadsheet. All changes decided upon at the last meeting that are not waiting on other input should be completed.

One additional note on GC160: At the last meeting I focused quite a bit on the text for the optional and required attributes definitions as well as section 7.2 which covers attribute update types. These were added to help clarify the issue brought up in GC160 (the confusion about when required attributes need to be updated). However, I failed to bring back up for  discussion the text in section which caused the initial confusion. We need to elaborate on this as well. You will see in the new version that I have added a new sentence which borrows some text from section 7.2:
"Updates for these attributes shall be provided at a minimum as required by the update types and update conditions specified in the FOM."

Hopefully this makes things more clear. If anyone believes this is still unclear, please respond and hopefully we can pick some text that everyone is happy with.


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