Here is the latest version of the GRIM. All known issues have been resolved. In order to generate a new Table of Contents and fix some cross-references, I had to accept all changes. So you will not see change tracking in this version. This version could be the version used for balloting, depending upon any comments you may have.

There are two primary changes since the last version:
  1. Completed Acknowledgements section (1.5). This section is based on the work Frank posted here:

    I have added some names to the lists based on comments from Bjorn, the notes from the Fall SIW PDG meeting, and inputs from a couple of my coworkers who worked on the initial PDG effort.

    The other change I made was to the text at the beginning of section 1.5.1. Frank included a brief history of the original PDG effort, which ended in 2005. Based on the RPR history Doug Wood presented last Fall at SIW, I have updated this to extend through 2008. I think this is more appropriate, since another draft version was created in 2007.

  2. Reorganized the introductory sections per the SISO Style Guide and added a new section, General Overview, as suggested by Frank here:

    The new General Overview section is largely as proposed by Frank. The only substantial changes are the three that I outlined in that thread.
I would appreciate it if everyone could at least review the new sections, 1.5 and 5. (Though a comprehensive review is of course always appreciated.) Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.


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