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To all, I proposed a method to develop the long overdue Recommended Practices Guide for Simulation Conceptual Modeling at the Fall 2013 SIW PDG meeting based upon my recent experiences with a distributed software development team using a modified Agile process.  My proposed method would use small work packages (sections of the document) and short timelines (one month).  For example, a work package would be posted at the end of a month (29 November).  Comments on the work package would be posted a week later (9 December).  A revised work package would be posted two weeks later (23 December) and the cycle would be completed by a conference call on that package.  Posting the next section of the document would begin the next development cycle. I thought this might be a way we could develop the document given our current capabilities to meet face to face at SIWs.  At this time I am asking for drafting group volunteers.  Please respond by 29 November if you are interested in contributing to this work.  Thanks, Jake Borah 

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