Attn: SG, SSG & PDG Leaders,
The Conference Committee needs information from SISO groups to make plans for a 3-day event, based in the US, in Spring 2014 for the purpose of standards development.  For this proposed event, there will be no paper forums; groups will meet face-to-face to work on products under development only.  Your input is needed, please answer the following questions.
1.  Will your group participate?  (Yes or No)

1a.  What is your group's name?
2.  Will your group members be able to obtain travel funds to participate?   (Yes or No)
3.  Of these possible locations, which would be your desired choice for the event location?
    A.  ODU/VMASC, Suffolk, VA
    B.  JHU/APL, Laurel, MD
    C.  GMU Fairfax, VA
    D. elsewhere (please identify)
4. Of these possible dates, which would be your desired time frame for the event? (feel free to be specific)
    A.  March
    B.  April
    C.  May
    D.  other (please identify)
5.  Will your group members be able to pay a minimal participation fee (e.g., $100)?  (Yes or No)
6.  How many group members will participate in the event?
7.  Does your group have alternate plans to meet at another event(s) in 2013/2014 to conduct work on your product(s) under development?  If so, when?  Where?

Please contact your group members, solicit their feedback, and respond NLT Friday, 15 November 2013 to the "SISO-SG-PDG-LEADERS" discussion forum, subject "SISO Spring Event Feedback Requested" here:




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