Sorry for not providing an update.

Right now I suggest using Draft 20. We will produce a Draft 21 with a newer enumerations module and some minor fixes, most likely during December. This is the one that will be submitted to the SAC. After this I don’t expect any further technical work on RPR FOM 2.


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Date: torsdag 4 december 2014 10:36
Subject: RPR FOM status update - July 2014

From: "Tom van den Berg" ([log in to unmask])

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Bjorn, could you provide an update on the status of the RPR-FOM/GRIM 2.0?  (work to be done and time until release)

For a couple of activities we need to decide on what RPR-FOM version we will use:

  • Stick for the moment with RPR2D17 until RPR2.0 is released
  • Use the MSG-106 version (2D19.10)
  • Use the latest draft version from the SISO digital library (2D20, 9/9/2013)
  • Use the balloted version (2.0_draft20)
  • I there a later version than the balotted version?

How much different will the balloted version be from the final 2.0? Will there be major changes?

-- Tom van den Berg

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