Mike, team-mates:

I've been pulled into a DCGS-A test readiness review same time as EXCOM.
Multiple contentious issues in my lane (LVC wrap-around, instrumentation) so
I need to be there. The MOU looks reasonable; still digesting the P&P

I am looking forward to May 18 when this test is finally over and I can
rejoin the ranks of the living.


John W. Diem
Director, Test Technology Directorate
US Army Operational Test Command (OTC)
Desk: 254.288.1799
Blackberry: 254.319.5573

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Agenda for 13 April EXCOM Meeting

Executive Director Report (Mark may still be out of the country) CC Report
Vote on CC Actions SAC Report Vote on SAC Actions NMSC MOU discussion
Schedule P&P issues review meeting - suggest 27 April Other Business

I will be on travel and Jim will be chairing the EXCOM. Jane will be
unavailable so the meeting will be recorded

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ROS_1(1).xlsx P&P

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