I spent some time thinking about what should go into an introductory chapter of the Space Reference FOM. Finally i wrote up some ideas. These are just suggestions so feel free to discuss. Since I am not a native English speaker (writer) the language could also be improved.

My assumption is that the primary targeted is a space simulation professional with very limited HLA knowledge.

The main items I suggest covering would be:

  *   Purpose, scope and benefits of the Space Reference FOM
  *   Relationship with the HLA standard (with some intro to a few HLA concepts)
  *   What HLA services does it build upon
  *   What services/functionality does the Space Reference FOM provide (probably a growing list)
  *   How do you build federations using the Space Reference FOM
  *   How are you expected to extend the Space Reference FOM for specific needs of a project

See attachment. Any feedback/ideas/rewrite is appreciated.

Bjorn Moller