The March monthly teleconference of C2SIM officers is scheduled for Tuesday, 7 March, 09:00 to 10:00 EST (UTC-5). The meeting is joint with NATO MSG-145 and will use NATO CSO's WebEx conferencing system - see closing note of this email regarding access.


New versions of the LDM, Initialize, and Tasking-Reporting drafts were posted in February and are available in the SISO Digital Library at the links provided below. Please look at them as they will be the focus of this meeting.






As always, all PDG members are welcome to join at their convenience.


Agenda for 7 Mar 2017 C2SIM PDG teleconference meeting


1.                    Identify participants (all)


2.                    Revise agenda as necessary (Pullen)


3.                    Approval for minutes of previous meeting (DeCarlo)


4.                    Status of actions from previous meetings


a.               Send a draft presentation to the group on use and need for a C2SIM Ontology (Singapogu)


5.                    Update planning for Spring meeting in Europe at NATO TIDE Sprint 3-7 Apr 2017 (Pullen/Galvin)


6.                    Seek volunteers to work on Maneuver Warfare extension draft (all)


7.                    Status Updates:


a.               Status of LDM DG (Gupton/Singapogu)


b.               Status of Initialize DG (Wittman)


c.                Status of TaskingReporting DG (Remmersmann)


d.               Status of PSG including balloting of C-BML Guidance Document (Blais)


8.                    Comments from Co-Chair, Lead Editor, and Secretary (Galvin, Singapogu, DeCarlo)


9.                    New business


NOTE: We will use the NATO CSO WebEx conferencing system, which requires login by every attendee. We will ask the CSO to set up login for all PDG/PSG officers. Of course, PDG members are welcome to join us but you'll need a login, so if you plan to connect (or think you might want to connect) please send email to Mark Pullen <[log in to unmask]> by 12:00 EST on Monday 6 March and he will request a login for you.




Thom DeCarlo

C2SIM PDG, Secretary

Senior Simulation Modeling Engineer, J84B

The MITRE Corporation

7515 Colshire Dr.

McLean, VA 22102


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