As the submitter I recommend this CR be rejected for the following reasons:


1.       The UID was intended as a short integer “model ID”, primarily for systems desired shortened identifiers than the 64-bit Entity Type.  The UID seems to have little traction for now, so displaying it doesn’t seem that important.

2.       The UID is still available in the XML.

3.       The UID is included in the output for the XSLT to Excel

4.       It will require significant coding changes, and thus little expectation (low priority) of completion.

5.       It will require new, incompatible CR forms, causing issues for a low priority item.


Should someone desire UIDs in the printed (Word/PDF) document, feel free to comment or resurrect this CR at a later date.  Loading the Excel takes only a few minutes, however, compared to possibly not even being able to complete this CR.


Lance Marrou, Leidos, [log in to unmask]

12901 Science Drive, Orlando, Florida USA 32826, o: 407.243.3710


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Subject: (CR03268) Add UID Support to Templates


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Lance Marrou, Leidos / SE Core CVEM, [log in to unmask]
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