There are several issues on this CR:


1.       Variations should be marked as “Y” in the V column in the CR (see the dropdown).  Then, put the variation type in the Base ID column.  I don’t think you need footnotes for these.

a.       In general, I think you intended all of your comments in the footnote column to actually go into the comments column.  Footnotes actually will be printed in the final output, so I don’t think that’s intended.

2.       HMT 400 and 600 should not be deprecated.  Those systems can still exist, even in a legacy or historical sense.  SISO-REF-010 is not reflective of the current operational organization.

3.       Several entries are not title case capitalization.

4.       I think some of the entries are implicit, thus might need to tweaking in the form

5.       Comms Vehicles and Radars had a .0 on the end, was that intended?  In any case, if the intent is to add a new Category, that new Category is a separate CR for the Land Categories enumeration.  Let us know if that’s your intent and we can help with that if needed (but, basically use the SimpleEnum template, select Land Category, and add it there).

6.       There’s a lot of unrelated items on here, so it may take a while to review.

7.       The change of L10A1 is not correct.  To change an enumeration like this, first you have to add the new one, update the old one to point to the new one (Replaced and baseID), then deprecate the old one.  We have other examples of this, but if this doesn’t make sense, this might help:

a.       Add L10A1

b.       Update (same name), set R to “Y” (column K in the spreadsheet), and set base ID to

c.       Deprecate


Note that the automated toolset requires those steps for change miscategorization of entities.  Could it be simpler?  Perhaps, but someone then needs to fund those changes to the (free) software. J


Because I know this CR will currently break the toolset, I will put it in RW state and therefore it will not appear in the next draft.


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