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PRODUCT:  SISO-GUIDE-005-DRAFT_r1-2018-12-11 

	TITLE: Guide for A Standards Profile for the Use of Modeling and
Simulation in
Support of Acquisition Activities 

 The SISO AcqMSStds Profile
is a pair of guidance and reference documents
that provide acquisition programs
guidance in the identification and selection of
existing and emerging model and
simulation standards. 

	“A Standards Profile for
the Use of Modeling and Simulation in Support of Acquisition
Activities Volume
1” is the first of the two core components of the SISO AcqMSStds
developed by the SISO AcqMSStds Profile Product Development Group (PDG).
purpose of the first volume is to establish a framework that documents a
set of model and simulation standards, and practices, to provide
guidance to stakeholders
as they execute activities within the reference
acquisition life cycle. 

	The second volume,
“Reference for A Standards Profile for the Use of Modeling
and Simulation in Support
of Acquisition Activities Volume 2”, identifies acquisition
community relevant
model, simulation standards and recommended practices as key
tools for the
improvement of the international acquisition community activities
across the
acquisition life cycle. As a reference product, this second volume provides
descriptions and metadata for each model and simulation standard and
practices for maintaining their profiles. 

	The framework provided in
volume 1, and the set of model and simulation standards,
and recommended practices
provided in volume 2, support acquisition and development
activities with
models and simulations, in a manner that promotes model consistency,
coherency, and efficiency across the acquisition life cycle. This focus
on the
full range of standards, including interoperability of models and simulations
contributes to the efficient advancement of optimal system and system of
design solutions. The intended audience of this profile is the
international acquisition
community in their use and application of models and

 The purpose of the AcqMSStds
Profile is to provide guidance on the selection
and use of model and simulation
standards, and selection and use of recommended
practices to support the
application of models and simulations throughout the acquisition
life cycle.  The AcqMSStds Profile provides a framework to
address the use of models
and simulations in research, development and analysis
that applies across a range
of acquisition life cycles, life cycle stages and related
activities. The AcqMSStds
Profile is a source of information for acquisition
communities for the existence
of new/emerging standards as well as commercial
or government-owned products. 

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or impact on research.  This classification also includes an
individual who is unsure
of his/her specific interest. 

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