This is a strange world we're all living in right now …

I would however remind you gently about this Invitation to join the WebLVC Protocol Ballot Group (see attachment).

If you intend to contribute to the ballot phase, and I guess you would like to, please register. The invitation closes on 16 April 2020.


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Objet : Invitation to join the WebLVC Protocol Ballot Group


Invitation to join the WebLVC Protocol Ballot Group:  This announcement serves as an invitation to all SISO members to join the WebLVC Protocol ballot group and also serves an invitation to other interested individuals to join SISO to participate in the ballot group for WebLVC Protocol (SISO-STD-017- DRAFT) 


TITLE:  Standard for WebLVC Protocol 

SCOPE:  The Standard for WebLVC Protocol describes an interoperability protocol for modelling and simulation applications which pass messages between a server and one or more clients, and a standard object model.

PURPOSE:  The WebLVC protocol enables web applications which share simulation data using standardized messages and a standard object model to enable re-use and interoperability. 

BALLOT GROUP RESPONSIBILITIES:  By joining the ballot group, an individual is committing to conducting a thorough review of the product, completing the review in the required time period, and submitting the written ballot by the due date. 

Individuals joining the ballot group shall provide the following required information:

-- SISO Member Number
-- Name
-- Organization
-- Email Address
-- Phone Number 

Representation:  (select one)

-- Commercial
-- Government
-- Academic 

Interest:  (select one).

-- User:  An individual who will use the product as part of his/her job.
-- Developer:  An individual (or his/her organization) who will build products that support, require, or produce the proposed product.
-- General Interest:  An individual who does not plan to use the proposed product, but is interested because of potential future work, impact on other SISO Products, or impact on research.  This classification also includes an individual who is unsure of his/her specific interest. 

Please see the Balloted Products Development and Support Process for an explanation of Representation and Interest: 

DEADLINE:  The invitation to join the ballot group is open for 30 days: 




Go directly to the WebLVC Protocol Ballot Group Registration Form

(Note: Although the web-page can be viewed by anyone, the link to the registration form is hidden until SISO members log into the website.) 

Or follow this process:

1. Go to
2. Log in
3. Select Standards Activities
4. Select Development Groups
5. Select WebLVC PDG
6. Scroll down until you find the Join Ballot Group 
7. Click on Ballot Group Registration Form
8. Follow instructions 

To join the Ballot Group, you MUST be a current SISO Member. If you are not a SISO member, go here to read about how you can become one: SISO Membership 

***** QUESTIONS *****

If you should have any questions about this invitation, please contact:

Len Granowetter
Chair, WebLVC PDG
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Brad Dillman
Secretary, WebLVC PDG
[log in to unmask]


Patrice Le Leydour
Technical Area Director, Standards Activity Committee
[log in to unmask]

Best regards,

Patrick T. Rowe
Executive Director
Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)
(703) 402-9269 (cell)

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