I won’t be able to make the meeting, but in reading the revised survey, I don’t see any recognition of individuals who may have an interest in wargaming, and may have been in organizations in the past, but who are not currently active in organizations that do wargaming.  Like me, for example.  Perhaps changing some of the wording to accommodate past experience?  Or a question in the beginning so that it becomes obvious that the answers are from current work, past efforts, or a combination?



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Hello all - We will hold our follow on meeting from last week today at Noon.


The agenda for today is:


  1. Go over last Meeting
  2. Discuss SSG/TOR issues
  3. Cover the Refined survey. 
  4. Start collecting lists (specific) of places to send survey.

From our review and refinement of the Wargaming survey, the revised questions, and ordering, is in the attached document.  We can review today.





Dial In Information (U.S. numbers, use international prefix if dialing from outside U.S.):

       Phone Number:  (712) 775-7031
       Conference Code: 767-114-699
 There are verbal instructions once you call in.


Charles D. Turnitsa, Ph.D.

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