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The following is posted for Graham Shanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------- Reference FOM Study Group Call for volunteers The SISO Standards Activity Committee (SAC) and the Conference Committee (CC) announce the formation of a a Study Group to investigate the subject of Reference FOMs and how SISO should handle them. The Study Group will be led by John Hancock. The draft terms of reference for this study group is attached at the end of this message (the SAC and CC still have to agree the final terms of reference). The draft study group report is due to be delivered to the SAC and CC one month before the Spring 98 SIW for comments (including public comments). A meeting will be held at the Spring 98 SIW to present the report contents and to elicit any further comments. The final report will be delivered to the SAC and CC within about two weeks of the Spring 98 SIW. The SAC and CC will then consider the report and decide whether to accept the study group's recommendations, subject to approval from the EXCOM. Volunteers ---------- The SAC and CC are seeking volunteers to be members of the study group. We need people with an objective perspective who can contribute to a solution in the best interests of the community as a whole. Members will be expected to take an active part in the study group's activities, as directed by the study group leader. To volunteer - send an email to Graham Shanks ([log in to unmask]) providing the following information * who you are and how to contact you (including email) * what SISO community(s) do you consider you belong to * why you should be considered The SAC and CC will select members from the volunteers. The SAC and CC are seeking a balance between the various SISO communities and, if necessary, will appoint members to the study group to achieve this balance. Alternative methods of volunteering include: email, phone, write or talk to any of the points of contacts detailed below or any member of the SAC or CC. Reviewers --------- The Study Group Leader may decide to seek reviewers to help revise documents before issue. The SAC and CC are also seeking volunteers for reviewers. The information required and method of volunteering is the same as for study group members (please indicate that you are volunteering as a reviewer). Study Group Reflector --------------------- Study Group deliberations are intended to be open. A reflector (SIW-RFOM) has been created for such discussions. To subscribe to this reflector send an email message addressed to ... [log in to unmask] The subject may be anything you wish, but the body MUST have ONLY ONE LINE as follows ... subscribe SIW-RFAllison Griffin OM First Last For Example: subscribe SIW-RFOM Graham Shanks You can also subscribe online at the following URL: Anyone who is subscribed to the reflector may make comment on any subject raised during the study group deliberations (although the study group may choose not to include such comments or suggestions in their report). All comments must be sent from the email address that you sent the subscribe message from (or the address you gave when subscribing online). Points of Contact (POCs) ------------------------ Study Group Leader: John Hancock - [log in to unmask] SAC POC: Susan Harkrider - [log in to unmask] CC POC: Graham Shanks - [log in to unmask] -------------------------------------------------- Reference FOM Study Group Terms of Reference - version 0.5 1. An unambiguous and consistent interpretation of reference FOMs does not exist in the SISO community. An understanding of what such models are, determination of the level of interest for them in the community, how they can be employed to satisfy SISO goals, and the methods and mechanisms by which they can be standardized is necesssary to develop subsequent policy. 2. In particular, the SISO CC and SAC desire the Study Group to perform the following tasks: a. Recommend an unambiguous definition and terminology: the currently applied term "Reference FOM" is subject to multiple contradictory interpretations. b. Recommend a description of the salient characteristics of a Reference FOM, which could be employed as part of subsequent evaluation criteria. c. Assess the level of community interest in Reference FOMs, and assess the community need for Reference FOMs as standards products. d. Recommend whether or not such models should be SISO products and, if so, what type of product they should be. If the recommendation is that they should be SISO products then recommend how such models could be accommodated in SISO's formal standards development process. If the existing process or product set is not sufficient, provide recommendations for changes and extensions to existing SISO policy and procedures. e. Suggest means of acquiring, qualifying, maintaining, and distributing such models to the benefit of the SISO community consistent with ongoing efforts by SISO and other agencies. f. If applicable, develop an estimate of resources required to support the acceptance of a typical Reference FOM as a SISO product. 3. The study group will investigate, analyze, and discuss this matter; will develop recommendations for resolution consistent with these TOR; and will present a report of their findings to the SISO CC and SAC prior to the Spring 1998 SIW. -------------------------------------------------- Graham Shanks Chief Software Engineer GEC Marconi RDS, Simulation and Training Division The John Sutcliffe Building, Fulmar Way, Donibristle Industrial Park, Fife, SCOTLAND KY11 5JX e-mail: [log in to unmask] phone: +44 1383 828062 (direct) +44 1383 821921 (switchboard) fax: +44 1383 824227

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