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Folks, Sorry to disturb you all again, but ... I mistyped the SISO Web site URL in yesterday's message. The correct URL is Secondly, we've been asked about whether it's possible to register on-line for the Workshop. The answer is "no," because IEEE Travel and Conference Management Services currently doesn't support secure transmissions of credit card info. However, one can print out the form on the SISO Web site, fill it in, and fax it to the number shown at the bottom of the form. Until further notice, that's probably the fastest method. One more time: Early Bird registration has been extended through Nov 7. Finally, for those who have asked, the CD-ROMs have been delayed in production. The latest estimate is that we'll receive them in the mail in about two weeks. In the meantime, all the materials that will be on the CD-ROMS should be available on the Web site (Allison is checking this now). Duncan Miller SISO Conference Committee Chair

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