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A point for the teleconference today: is "Reference FOM" the right name? The third tier in the IEEE standards hierarchy is "Guides." [From Jan 97 IEEE Standards Operations Manual] Guides: documents in which alternative approaches to good practice are suggested but no clear-cut recommendations are made. Perhaps "Guidance FOM" would be more apt. At 04:08 PM 10/16/97 -0400, you wrote: >Volunteers, > >We are planning on Holding the RFOM kickoff Telecon Friday Oct 17, >1997 from 12noon to 1pm Eastern time. The contact info is in the >included >message. > >During the telecon, I would like to go over the following >12:00-12:10: Intro, Introductions and identification of Community ties >12:10-12:20: Background, TOR status, TOR Review >12:20-12:40: Discuss and determine required PRODUCTS (including form), >and > RESOURCES, and volunteer interest >12:40-12:55: Determine basic study schedule and tentative activities/ > responsibilities. >12:55-13:00 Wrap up. > >I would like to stay on time here to minimize cost, and keep everyone on > >schedule. If we encounter a tough or debatable issue, let's decide to >assign it to a team to follow up on it. > >We could do this in a more laid-back way and just chat, but I would like >to >get the study group off on the right foot. We can do our technical >discussion >on the reflector. > >Following this letter is included a cut at the required products of this > >study derived from the Terms of Reference. >a) Recommended unambiguous definition and terminology. >b) Recommended description of the RFOM characteristics to support >evaluation. >c) Assessment community interest in, and need for Reference FOM >standards products. >d) Recommendation whether or not such models can be accommodated in >SISO's formal >standards development process. >e) Suggested means of acquiring, qualifying, maintaining, and >distributing RFOMS. >f) Estimate of the resources required to support the standardization of >an RFOM. > >Comments, improvements, and corrections are welcome. >John > >-- >____________________________________________________________ >"Developing Cutting-Edge Systems Takes ArtisTech People!" >John Hancock, President, ArtisTech inc., >(703) 516-4500 * * [log in to unmask] >Mailing Address: 4301 N. Fairfax dr., Suite1090, Arlington VA, 22203 >Current Worksite: SAIC, [log in to unmask], (703) 907-5347 > > Jim Hammond PH (512)835-3761 Applied Research Laboratories FAX (512)835-3220 Univ of Texas at Austin PAGER: (800)976-0414 PO Box 8029, Austin, TX 78713 [log in to unmask] Formerly: [log in to unmask] (circa 1981)

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