At 5:55 PM -0400 10/20/97, John P. Hancock wrote:
>I am taking a break from compiling the RFOM definitions to ask a
>question regarding SG fairness.   Do you think it would be fair to let
>me, as Study Lead, (I hate the word "Lead", how about as Coordinator...)
>-personally "champion" one of the RFOM definitions ONLY through the
>definition phase?  Or, should I remain out of these definitions to help
>facilitate the objectiveness of the assessment of said definitions in
>light of SISO or other standardization issues.  I will go with the will
>of the community on this issue.  I personally feel that I could maintain

A similar question was raised when I was suggested as the Technical
Area Director helping the RPR FOM.  Could I still be a proponent?
The answer turned out to be no, because being on the SAC is a
conflict with being a SAC petitioner.  Did it make any difference?
Well, not to me, but history isn't written there yet.

>Note: Even if I do not champion one of the definitions, I am way too
>loud not to chime in on any/all definitions, so don't worry about
>supressing my opinions... ;-)

Of course, leaders are expected to have opinions, and share them
with their sheep.  I'm finding the sheep analogy hard to overlay
on the RFOM SG, but maybe its only me.
>If someone could pick up responsibility for determining the will of the
>community? I would be appreciative.  Maybe,... Randy...?

Sure, whatever.  I will consolidate all inputs sent to me this
week and post them Friday.  BTW, if it turns out that you're
not allowed an opinion of your own, I'll volunteer to champion
whatever you were going to assign yourself.  [Please don't
misspell things you send me for send to champion, I am not good
at finding spelling oopses.  P.S. Nobody will ever know it wasn't
really me sending the messages if you type real loud.  /RS] ;-)
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