There has been a great deal of diverse discussion on the point of RTI 
interoperability.  Without going into the background of this issue once 
again, as the incoming chair of the RTI&C forum, I am forwarding these 
draft Terms of Reference for consideration by the CC and SAC.

I think there is a substantial body of work supporting the need for such 
a study group.  The terms of reference which I have outlined do not 
attempt to force a particular solution (or any solution for that matter). 
 Rather, the approach outlined attempts to arrive at a recommendation 
based upon deliberate and considered engineering and discussion.  There 
have been a raft of excellent points made on all sides of the discussion 
this past week.  Let's establish a study group that can gather and 
evaluate community requirements, inputs, and potential solutions.

As a final point, I would like to nominate Michael Myjak to chair the 
study group.  I think Michael's emails indicate both his concern about 
the issue as well as his interest in promoting an active and open debate 
on the subject.


Terms of Reference - Version 0.1 

   1.  The HLA Transition Report concludes that the rationale for 
adoption of the HLA derives out of its ability to support the grouping of 
federates into "different [interoperable] combinations ("federations") to 
satisfy a diverse and ever-evolving set of user needs."  The document 
goes on to further state "that interoperability must be "built-in" to the 
maximum possible extent."

At the same time, it has been indicated through several papers and 
reports to SISO that the HLA's interoperability goal may not be fully 
achieved unless some provision for communications between dissimilar RTIs 
is provided.

Given the focus of the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization 
on promoting interoperability, an understanding of the requirements and 
potential solutions for RTI to RTI interoperability is required to better 
shape the organization's future activities.

   2.   In particular, the SISO CC and SAC desire the Study Group to 
perform the 
        following tasks: 
        a. Provide a cogent definition of interoperability within SISO.
        b. Provide an assessment of current RTI interoperability 
limitations indicating 
           the architectural and configuration issues limiting 
interoperability today.
        c. Provide an assessment of the community impacts that may result 
if RTI to RTI
           interoperability is not guaranteed.
        d. Establish through community discussion and input the 
requirements for RTI to 
           RTI interoperability. 
        e. Examine and evaluate the possible approaches to achieving RTI 
to RTI 
        f. Recommend an approach that will support an appropriate and 
           level of interoperability amongst HLA federates.


I apologize in advance if you received more than one copy of the message 
through cross posting.  However, I felt that the issue is pertinent to 
several groups within SISO and I didn't have more effective mechanism for 
distributing the message.

Keith Briggs
iMT Incorporated

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