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Allan I have asked that the RTI Ver 1.3 be ported to Digital UNIX. Here is the response I received from Jim Borcheller at the HLA Help Desk. "Thank you for stating your desire to have RTI 1.3 ported to Digital UNIX. Your message is sufficient, and will be considered by the appropriate forum." GTE currently has a Digital Workstation running Digital UNIX 4.0b on loan from it's customer to the DMSO team performing the ports to support their efforts. I would suspect that if Digital UNIX is going to be supported that it would not happen until after IRIX and Win32 are supported and maybe not until after AIX and HP-UX are supported if they will be with RTI 1.3. For RTI 1.0.3 Digital UNIX was the last to be ported. I would appreciate any efforts you can put forth in helping to get DMSO support Digital UNIX in RTI 1.3. Karl Karl Shepherd [log in to unmask] GTE Government Systems 1805 W. Drake Dr. Tempe, AZ 85283 tel 602-777-1730 fax 602-777-1717 > -----Original Message----- > From: [log in to unmask] [SMTP:[log in to unmask]] > Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 1998 9:53 AM > To: SISO - Run-Time Infrastructure and Communications Forum > Subject: PORTING of RTI 1.3 and 2.0 > > > In April, AMG-24 reported the results of the call for inputs on > Platforms, OSs and Compilers. I have a couple of questions related to > > this: > > 1) Have final decisions been made on these issues? If so when can we > know of these decisions? > > 2) More specifically, support for the DEC Alpha (OSF/DEC UNIX) is > available for RTI 1.0.3. Will support for this platform be continued > for RTI 1.3 and/or RTI 2.0? > > If anyone has any information on this please let us know. > > Allan Getman > SIW-IMPL PRP >

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