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Fellows, This is a very good and important point. I agree with this opinion completely. I just had some lengthy email exchanges with the HLA compliance testing group. It seemed that RTI 1.3 is incompatable to older versions and RTI 2.0 will not be compatable with 1.3. This becomes a bizzare situation. All models are HLA compliant. But models are still not interoperable. Then HLA will not be able to achieve anything. Why do we all bother? Hope the SAC will do something. Zhian Li Argonne National Lab. ______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________ Subject: Truth in Advertising Author: <[log in to unmask]> at smtplink-eid Date: 5/1/98 10:32 AM RTI&C, Over the past several SIWs, the Run-Time Infrastructure and Communications Forum has made the closing point that dissimilar RTIs (e.g., different vendors, different versions, different platforms, etc.) need to be able to interoperate with one another. To this end, we have requested that SISO establish a Study Group to evaluate the organization's position on this matter. Joe Lacetera (CC liaison) and Rhonda Freeman (SAC liaison) have asked us to compile the Terms of Reference for our proposed Study Group and will be responsible for presenting this issue to the CC and SAC respectively.. To refresh your memory, we responded during the 98s-SIW with this closing point: "Dissimilar RTI executions are not interoperable. The purpose of the HLA is to facilitate interoperability among simulations," (RTI IF Spec 1.3.) Yet there is no guarantee that all simulations within an exercise will be capable of using the same RTI execution. In fact, it has been presented several times at past SIWs that DMSO envisions different RTIs will be built for specific purposes (e.g., analytical, low-latency or real-time, range-based). If these "dissimilar" RTIs are not capable of interfacing with one another, then the above premise is invalid . . . and HLA and RTIs, as currently envisioned, and as demonstrated by previous RTI releases, will instead lead to stove-piped implementations. Recommendation: The RTI*C Forum believes that such exercises using different RTI executions will be required in the future. We recommend that the SISO CC and SAC form a Study Group to investigate the full range of requirements and solutions for interoperability between dissimilar RTIs. (papers 98S-SIW-188, 98S-SIW-197) " Now we need to do the following: (1) Identify a person as the recommended chair for this SG (2) Draft an expanded TOR (with a little more detail) (3) Send the draft TOR to Rhonda Freeman (SAC liaison) and to Joe Lacetera (CC liaison), and they will interface with the CC and the SAC to obtain a disposition. As always, your suggestions, comments, (and personal offerings :-) are welcome. -Michael

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