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Jonathan Prescott [SMTP:[log in to unmask]] wrote: > Reply to: RE>>Truth in Advertising * I think this discussion is veering away from what the original posting * was about, namely, how do RTIs built by different folks using different * methodologies, technologies, etc.. interoperate between themselves. * The concerns about SOMs, FOMs, etc. are not really relevant. Correct. And there have been a lot of good comments (Randy, Jeff, my thanks!). More to the point, as a forum, we said that RTI interoperability was necessary for HLA if we are to remove vendor and implementation dependencies... So we asked the CC/SAC to form Study Group to ascertain SISO's community consensus (or not) on this issue. To which select members of the CC and SAC responded with "Ok... but what are the Terms of Reference" for said Study Group? So the task at hand is upon us once again: to identify the TOR for the SG. So I ask you, what should be in the TOR? What is in-scope and what is out of scope for this proposed SG? I for one, think that that a definition of Interoperability... SISO Interoperability... should be part of what the SG must consider. Would it help if I posted the TOR from the Reference FOM SG as a guide? Best - Michael

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