> Hi!
> I am having problems using the RTI on Red Hat Linux and would appreciate
> some help from outside the RTI Help Desk.
> I would like to know if anybody is using the Red Hat Linux version of the RTI.
> Did you have problems with it ?
> Did you have to change compiler/install patches/ change the setup ?
> One of my problems is that following my installation, the RTI examples only execute if I am
> logged as root (working well on other platforms as non-root); that problem seems to be
> related with the start of a xterm window by the script federate.sh. For some odd
> reason, the fedex application exits right away. Starting it without the xterm window is fine.
> Thanks,
> Jean-Pierre

We have seen something similar.  Here are two possible fixes.

1. Change the ! line at the top of the fedex.sh script.  The path to
   the shell executable was incorrect on my system.

2. Start the fedex by hand.  Go to the bin/Linux-2.0 directory and
   type ``fedex <fedex> <fedfile>``  You need to have the fedex reserved
   in the rtiexec for this to work.

Hope that helps.


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