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This is to officially announce the first meeting of the Simulation Interoperability Standards Committee. This organization serves as the official IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS) standards committee for managing the development of all distributed simulation-related IEEE standards, such as the three HLA standards that are currently under development. Meeting specifics: Date: Wednesday, March 17, 1999 Time: 7 10 PM Place: Holiday Inn, International Drive, Orlando, FL In association with the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization Agenda: See below As an official IEEE CS standards committee, IEEE requires that SISC operate under the IEEE CS Standards Activity Board (SAB) default Policies and Procedures. As such, it is governed by the its members, and must hold regular meetings. In addition, under default rules, the committee must establish membership and voting rights. At the current time, SISC individual members are defined as any individual who attends two of the three previous SISC meetings. Because this is the first official meeting of SISC, membership and voting rights are granted to all attendees of this first meeting. This is also the case for meetings two and three. THEREFORE, if you desire a vote in how the SISC is operated, it is strongly suggested that you attend this, (and subsequent meetings). In addition to attending the meeting, please make sure you sign in at the meeting for the record. For a comprehensive explanation of the IEEE policies and procedures under which SISC must currently operate, please see the Policies and Procedures of the IEEE CS SAB ( The first draft of the proposed SISC PNP was posted Oct 27, 1998, as the SISO PNP Addendum for IEEE Activities, and can be found at : The SAC has received several comments on this document (including changing the name). These comments are currently being reviewed and may be incorporated by the SAC, and a revised version will be posted approximately 2 weeks prior to the SISC meeting, on the previously mentioned web site. Recommended Agenda for SISC Meeting * 7:00 pm Call to Order * 7:05 pm Approval of Agenda * 7:15 pm Introduction * 7:20 pm Election of Officers: chair, vice-chair, secretary * 7:40 pm Discussion on status of IEEE HLA Standards * 7:55 pm Announce formation of 3 balloting groups * 8:00 pm Discussion and vote on whether or not to send IEEE standards for HLA forward for balloting * 8:15 pm Discussion and vote on delegation of ballot resolution authority to 3 Ballot Resolution Committees (BRCs) and on the members of those BRCs. * 8:30 pm Discussion and vote on whether or not to conduct a 10-day email ballot on HLA drafts for forwarding to IEEE-SA when ready * 8:45 pm Discussion on SISC PNP, and difference from current mode of operation (default IEEE CS SAB PNP) * 9:30 pm Questions * 9:45 pm Set tentative date, and tentative agenda for next meeting * 10:00 pm Adjourn Respectfully Submitted, Phil Zimmerman SISC Chair -------------------------------------------------- Phil Zimmerman (301) 757-4624 - office NAWC-AD/ACETEF (301) 342-6381 - fax Bldg 2109, N221, Unit 5 48150 Shaw Rd Patuxent River, MD 20670 -------------------------------------------------- .

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