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All, I`ve received notice from two reliable sources, so would like to forward it to you as a service. Mark Smith Chair, SISO EXCOM > ---------- > From: Robert Reed[SMTP:[log in to unmask]] > Sent: Saturday, March 27, 1999 11:10 AM > To: ITSC - Support for Conference Owners [PRIVATE SENDS only] > Subject: Nasty Word Virus - No Joke > > Please read the CERT advisory at ... > > > One Army list hosted here has already experienced this virus which was > then > propogated to their entire list of subscribers. There isn`t anything we > can > do at this end to prevent it from going through as a valid message. But I > did want to warn you so you might warn your subscribers to be alert and > NOT > try to open the Word file. > > This is NOT a joke. It is serious and propogates without warning. It can > be VERY embarassing and cause the sender to get into lots of trouble > (thinking they are the source of such bad stuff, they can be punished > wrongfully). Please note the CERT request to inform them as well so they > can measure the extent of the problem. I leave that to you. > > If you are subscribed to other lists outside of IST, I highly recommend > you > alert the list managers to be on the lookout for this virus as well. > > > Robert W. Reed > Program Manager, Information Technology > Institute for Simulation & Training > University of Central Florida > 3280 Progress Drive > Orlando, Florida 32826 > 407-658-5094 > [log in to unmask] > >

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