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Just to clarify a point here, the RTI 1.3 implementation was not built using the recently released RedHat 6.0 distribution it had used the 5.0 release. I suspect that there is an incompatibility between using the system libraries from RedHat 5.0 in building the RTI, and using the libraries from RedHat 6.0 is building your federate application. The real answer is building the RTI with RedHat 6.0 -- I will investigate the ability and timeframe to do so. Steve At 11:39 AM 6/7/99 -0400, Jean Pierre Belanger wrote: > > >Is anybody using the RTI 1.3 (distributed by DMSO) on >RedHat Linux 6.0 ? > >I can succesfully execute pre-compiled examples (hello) but >after recompiling (egcs 1.1) them, they can no longer execute: > >Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. >0 istream::peek (this=0xbffff008) at ../../../libio/ >1 0x4049d7d2 in RWCString::readToDelim () >2 0x4049d7a0 in RWCString::readString () >3 0x40464ad0 in fileChecksum () >4 0x4040087a in RTIridManager::ReadParamFile () > >This is the answer from the RTI support. Any recommendation ? > >---- >Jean-Pierre, > > I checked the Redhat site for some clues. Try relinking >Helloworld with the suggested linker contained in the ``compat`` package. >While it is intended to create executables for older (5.x) systems, >perhaps in will be able to resolve symbolic references correctly. > >---- > >Thanks, >JP > >-- >Jean-Pierre Belanger, OSim Product Development Manager >OriginalSim - Framework for building distributed simulations. >Tel: 514-766-8868 Ex:28, Fax: 514-766-8861 >mailto:[log in to unmask], > > >

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